L10 (Classic)

L10 (Classic)
L10 (Classic)
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L10 (Classic) - 10Watt 1050 lumens, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) primary lights are designed with fixed-focus light head and Li-Ion battery packs, available in the capacity range 5,2Ah. Used water-tight switch on/off with rubber cap.


The color temperature is about 6500°K, giving a light blue beam. Visibility of the spot is better even in shallow waters full of sunlight, making light communication between divers possible even in these conditions.The main feature of the head with a fixed focal length is concentrated (8°) beam of light with a distinct glow.

All the electronics is located inside the light head, what allowed to manufacture shorter canister and gives possibility to use the same battery canister as power supply for light heads and electric heating Yellow Diving series.

The goodman's handle is wide enough to be used in cold water with dry gloves. Threads of the height regulation screws are enforced now to avoid corrosion in salt water. Bungy line supplements the handle to allow easy changing of light-head hold while scootering.

There is an eye-shaped piece of bungy line secured to the rotating ring located under the sealing gland, allowing to use a double ended bolt snap without a need of mounting it on the cable. When not in use, the light head could be temporarily attached to chest D-ring, with light beam directed downwards, without giving a dazzle. This way you can free your hands still having a dive light. Using attachments located on a goodman handle and bungy eye on rotating ring below sealing gland you can place your double ended bolt snap inside the contour of the light head, what is very useful when diving with reels and guidelines.

Banana connectors between battery pack and canister cover makes storing canister and preparing for diving easier. When canister cover is put in-place, the power supply is connected in easy way. The cover could placed in two different positions – connected and not connected, what allow to secure the equipment during transport. This type of connections makes battery pack full water-tight up to 150m (450 fsw).


The battery indicator shows the level of the battery charge.
Labelled "LED indicator", The LED indicator is located on the right
side of the head.
The LED light indicates the battery performance status and provides
information on the current battery level.

When the battery is switched on, the indicator lights in one of the
following modes:

green, continuous: 100 % – 16 % of charge capacity
red, continuous: 15 % - 6 %
red, intermittent: 5% – 0,1 %



- spot 6°
- colour temperature: 6500°K
- luminance: 1050lm
- complete electronics in headlamp
- completely sealed Li-Ion battery pack
- over-charge, over-discharge, over-drain and short circuits protection
- banana connectors
- battery indicator
- classic rubber cap switch
- standard cable length 1,0m long (or according to customer's order)
- head length: 10,5cm
- material: Delrin
- max. operating depth: 150m







Capacity - Ah

Operating time – min

Canister - L / Ø - cm

Weight/ Weight in water - kg

Charging time – h




24 / 6

2,3 / 0,6




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Yellow Diving - Artur Okoniewski

Wszelkie prawa autorskie osobiste i majątkowe do jakichkolwiek elementów strony (tekstowych, graficznych, układu strony, itp.) są zastrzeżone. Strona oraz wszystkie jej elementy są chronione przepisami prawa, w szczególności ustawy z dnia 4 lutego 1994 roku o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych (tekst jednolity Dz. U.00.80.904 z późn. zm.) oraz ustawy z dnia 16 kwietnia 1993 roku o zwalczaniu nieuczciwej konkurencji (Dz.U.93.47.211 z późn. zm.).

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